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When you are facing a hectic schedule during a work day and want to just relax your nerves for a moment and want to play an easy game, that’s where Bingo Bash comes in. It is available in all the mediums including Android, iOS and Windows cell phones or tablets along with Mac OSX devices. Bingo Bash is basically a Facebook game, and you’ll have to log in using Facebook if you want to play the game.

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It has such interesting features that will keep you glued to your seat for more than your break hours during work. The game offers features like multiplayer, prizes on success and increases in Bingo chips ( a most important feature of this game, will be explained in the article. The best thing about this game is that the graphics are neither too bright nor too dull so you can get the best playing experience. The game also offers different game environments to give you a better feeling if you got bored with same games every time.

You can use these steps to get help for playing the game:

Ø  First install the game and open it.

Ø  You will have to log in using your Facebook account to play the game.

Ø  There will be Bingo Chips and Coins which are used to get Bingo cards later and game items respectively. Game items include power plays and slot games.

Ø  You can also select different rooms as per your liking. You will only have access to Sphinx room, but further rooms will be unlocked as the game progresses.

Ø  You will have to choose a number of cards you want to have by using Bingo chips

Ø  Get to the next game after you have completed the current game by choosing the required number of cards.

Ø  One thing to keep in mind is that you will only call Bingo when you actually have it. Otherwise, you might lose the game because the card will be lost.

Let us get a broader look at the features of game one by one.


The game offers different rooms for players so the game lovers can find a perfect room as per their requirement. The rooms available in Bingo Bash are:

Slot Rooms: Just spin it and get a mega win

Wonder Rooms: This will allow you to fly around the world, swimming, battle with gladiator Coliseum or get to a Trip to Vegas and everything with this simple room.

Seasonal Rooms: You can enjoy the Zombie bash in these rooms, and you might enter Thanksgiving room from here.

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Bingo Bash Chips

Bingo chips are used to buy bingo cards, chips are added after every 20 hours. The amount of daily bonus increases as the game progresses and the player starts moving getting towards higher levels. You can also get these chips by trading gems, or you also get these chips when you complete the collection of twelve items by playing slots. You can also chips from your Facebook friend and Facebook also give you chips occasionally, if you keep following the game on Facebook.


You can get the gems from your friends, and these are used to fill you bingo cards’ spots. These have to be collected without keeping in mind if you win the game or not. The collection of gems will be kept intact even if you lose. A collection orb is used to collect items.


Coins are also important in this enjoyable game, and the coins are almost as important as Gems. These coins are also used to gain a spot on bingo cards. You can get these coins by playing slots, and these coins can be used to buy a lot of stuff in the game. This stuff includes power plays, collection items, charms, and Daubers. These items are bought at different rates to give you are a real life experience.

Collection Items

Collection items have been referred many times previously. Bingo Bash includes a total of 12 items; once you have all of the 12 collection items, you will get Bingo Chips. You also get a daily bonus based on the room you are in or the position you are in. You can get the collection items either as a gift from your Facebook friends or by getting a bingo card which has collection card written on it.

Power Ups

The power up icon, once fully charged, can be used for random power ups. These power ups can give you different performance rewards like anything from an instantaneous win to free coins. Winning coins is also reasonable because you can use these coins to buy a lot of precious items in the game.

VIP Status

It is Bingo Bash’s way of honoring you if you play the game constantly. If you keep playing the game daily and also send presents to your friends, Bingo Bash will give you a “VIP” status. The VIP status will give you a little banner with your name, and best of all it will give ten percent increase on your daily Bingo Bash Chips.

Team ups

Bingo Team can be made up if you are playing the game on Facebook and the team consists of people from your Facebook friend list. Teaming up will help you win the challenges and chips in daily bonuses more efficiently.

Free Bingo Bash Chips Tool

The game is so relaxing and enjoyable that you will feel yourself addicted to it. Once you start playing it, you will realize that you keep using all the chips and coins because of the constant usage of chips.

If you find that you are out of chips, but you still want to play the game, you can use our tool which will help get through this virtually tough situation. You just have to enter your username, your ID of Bingo bash or Facebook ID and then enter the amount of coins, chips or Powerups you need and Voila!

There is a certain limit to the amount of chips generated per day through this tool, but you will have sufficient amount of chips for your game.

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